Conflux 14: And that’s a wrap!

We are all done now for 2018!

And what a con it was. Thanks to our Guests of Honour, Rob Hood and Lee Murray (the best Emergency GOH ever!) and MC Rob Porteous (aka Irony Man), and thanks to all our presenters, workshop convenors and panel members. Thanks to Uncle Mingku for his warm and thought-provoking Welcome to Ngunnawal and Ngambri Country. Thanks also to our indefatigable Conflux Committee and con volunteers, without whom there would be no con. And a massive thank you to all our Conflux 14 attendees – it’s your presence and participation that makes Conflux such a wonderful, warm, welcoming place to be.

A dapper gentleman in a bowler hat and elaborate, tailed jacket, with white gloves and a cane and a curled handlebar moustache.

MC Rob Porteous, photo courtesy of Paula Boer

A petite dark haired woman, an older man with glasses and a leather jacket and another older man in a tweed jacket and broad brimmed hat sitting at a conference table talking.

At the Opening Ceremony: GOHs Lee Murray and Rob Hood with Uncle Mingku; Photo courtesy of Paula Boer


A flamboyant looking gentleman in pinstripe pants and braces with a skin tight Iron Man T-shirt and strange goggles. He has an elaborate, curled handlebar mustache and is standing with his chest puffed out.

Irony Man! (Irony: like silvery only prone to rust.) Photo courtesy of Paula Boer

A few announcements!

The winners of the CSFG-Conflux 14 Short Story Competition were:

  1. C H Pearce, with Flipping the Fat on Middle Fifth
  2. Andrew Old, with Sea Wolf
  3. A G Cook, with Program Anne

The winners of the Conflux 14 Art Show were:

  • The E G Harvey Prize for Australian Speculative Art: Keely Van Order for Isomorphic Transformations
  • Best Professional 2-dimensional artwork: Shauna O’Meara for Lakeside
  • Best Amateur 2-dimensional artwork: Alistair Ott for Sketches
  • Best Amateur 3-dimensional artwork: Dion Perry for Mutual Respect
  • Best Amateur digital artwork: Llewllyn Dobbs for Spirit of Nature

And, finally, we will see you all again next year, for Conflux 15:

What Lies Beneath…

With Guest of Honour Thoraiya Dyer

Author of the Titan’s Forest Series



Introducing our Surprise Guest of Honour

Conflux is delighted to welcome the wonderful Lee Murray as our Conflux Guest of Honour.

Lee Murray is an award-winning writer of fantasy, science fiction, and horror. She lives with her family in the Land of the Long White Cloud where she conjures up stories for readers of all ages from her office overlooking a cow paddock.


  • Acquiring Editor, Omnium Gatherum Publishing
  • Programme Director GeyserCon, Rotorua 2019
  • Mentor/assessor NZSA, AHWA, SpecFicNZ

Sir Julius Vogel Awards

  • Best Novel for Hounds of the Underworld with Dan Rabarts, 2018
  • Best Novel for Into the Mist, 2017
  • Best Collected Work for At the Edge with Dan Rabarts, 2017
  • Service to Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror, Lee Murray, 2017
  • Best Short Story for The Thief’s Tale, 2016
  • Best Short Story for Inside Ferndale, 2015
  • Best Novella/Novelette for Cave Fever, in Regeneration, 2014
  • Best Collected Work for Baby Teeth with Dan Rabarts, 2014
  • Best Short Story for Hope is the Thing With Feathers 2013
  • Best Youth Novel for Battle of the Birds, 2012

Australasian Shadows Awards

  • Award Best Edited Work for Baby Teeth with Dan Rabarts, 2014

You will see her in her Guest of Honour presentation today at 11.45am and Kaffeeklatsche at 2.30pm along with the other panels she is on. She is also taking pitches on behalf of Omnium Gatherum so check with registration if there are spots left.


Frankenstein’s 200th Birthday party

Image result for image frankensteinThe Creature of Frankenstein was born/artificially created in 1818… and is still going strong. This year is his 200th birthday and you are invited to a special party to celebrate it. Join monster-creators Professors Robert Hood and Kaaron Warren as they reveal their experiences with the Monster and his legacy of horrors, share your own thoughts and experiences, and salute the Terror. Hopefully the Creature will join us! As food and drink will be provided, an entrance fee is required. Book through the membership process or if already a member, emailing


Pitch and get published!

Conflux 14 wants to see the next generation of writers. Dammit – we want to be involved! We want to be cheering from the sidelines, and we want to be digging people in the ribs and saying ‘I knew them when…’ at the book launch.

Conflux is again offering you the opportunity to pitch your work. On Sunday, three of the Antipodes’ brightest will be ready and waiting to hear what you can do and what you want to do.

  • Agent extraordinaire Alex Adsett
  • Publishers David Henley and Lee Murray

Conflux is so dedicated to helping you that Saturday afternoon as part of the program is a panel on pitching!

More information on the pitches is available here.

Spaces are limited so make sure you book early.


Develop your skills at our workshops!

Once again, Conflux is delighted to be providing a wide range of workshops for attendees. Covering a huge array of skills and experiences, you can cover everything from the basics of writing to how to submit your novel.

Most of the workshops are free to attendees – the rest are at a really great cost considering the expertise you are getting.

With thanks to our workshop providers:

  • Felicity Banks
  • Gillian Polack
  • Rob Porteous
  • Sam Hawke, EJ Beaton and Freya Marske
  • Kaaron Warren
  • Russell Kirkpatrick
  • Abigail Nathan
  • Katie Taylor
  • Louise Pieper
  • Aiki Flinthart

You can read all about the workshops here.

Register for the workshops via Trybooking as you join, or email


Program live

The moment you have been waiting for is here!



  • Guest of Honour presentations by Ambelin Kwaymullina and Rob Hood
  • The inaugural Book Love Fest where you will find out the latest and greatest books to love
  • Frankenstein’s 200th Birthday Party
  • 11 workshops on various skills of writing and producing our beloved spec fic
  • 8 book launches
  • 25 plus panels on topics ranging from LGBTQI heroes to the Unconventional Hero’s Journey
  • 3 publishers/agents you can pitch to
  • Academic stream
  • Con dinner
  • Kaffeeklatches, readings, trivia and games

Plus the Art Show and Dealers Room, which will be open throughout the con.

And that’s just what is happening onsite! Last year’s amazing Whiskeycon is on again.

There’s still room for more – so if you have an idea, pitch it and we’ll see what we can do. And if there are panels you are interested in doing, we can see if we have room there as well.

Otherwise – come along. Join the Conflux Family. We’d love to have you.

You can download the program here.


Conflux 14 Local Author Spotlight: Robert Hood

This year, Conflux 14 is doing a local author spotlight  on none other than Aussie horror’s wicked godfather…

Rob Hood

Rob has published over 200 short stories, novellas, articles and short books for kids, in the genres of Horror, SF, Fantasy, Crime and other generally Weird mutations of these categories. His stories have appeared in Australian and overseas magazines and anthologies, as well as in several personal collections and in various Year’s Best anthologies.

He has also written novels, including the award-winning epic fantasy Fragments of a Broken Land: Valarl Undead (Wildside Press, 2013). His most recent book is Peripheral Visions: The Collected Ghost Stories (IFWG Australia Publishing, 2015), a career defining tome that gained him the Australian Shadows Award for Best Collection. His latest short stories include a Lovecraftian weird tale, “Time and Tide”, which appears in the newly released anthology Cthulhu Deep Down Under, Vol. 2 (ed. Steve Proposch, Christopher Sequeira and Bryce Stevens, IFWG Publishing Australia) and a Halloween tale, “A Man Totally Alone”, to be published in The Mammoth Book of Halloween Stories (ed. Stephen Jones, Skyhorse Publishing) later in the year.

He is currently writing (and is theoretically nearing completion of) several novels, which he would love to rant on about if you care to ask. He, his long-time partner, award-winning author Cat Sparks, and their 3 cats moved to Canberra nearly two years ago, after Rob decided working for the University of Wollongong for 27 years was quite enough. Now he writes full-time, which means his productivity has diminished. Weird.

You can track Rob down in the internet by starting at


Conflux 14 MC

Dr Rob Porteous will be the MC for this year’s Conflux:
Rob is a Canberra writer and editor who dreams of being an Evil Overlord. Completely ambidextrous, he’s working on a sprawling epic fantasy novel and a neon-sharp cyberpunk SF novel simultaneously. In between times, he runs the Canberra Spec-fic Guild’s Novel Writing Master class and writes the odd short story.


CSFG/Conflux short story comp is OPEN!!!

Holy tales of epic deeds of epicness, Batman!

It’s time to once again break out your storytelling super-powers, because Conflux Inc is partnering with the Canberra Speculative Fiction Guild to bring you the CSFG/Conflux 14 short story competition!

This year’s theme is THE UNCONVENTIONAL HERO!

We want your tales of 4000 words or under about tales of unconventional heroes, heroines and awesome people of non-specified gender, in any speculative fiction genre.

The competition is open to all Australian residents and members of either the Canberra Speculative Fiction Guild or Conflux 14.

Entry is $5, unless you are a member of the CSFG or Conflux 14 or you are aged 16 or under, in which case it is free!


First prize is $200 and a Conflux 15 membership! Second prize is $50 and a discounted Conflux 15 membership, and third prize is $25 and a discounted Conflux 15 membership.


Stories should be written in English, suitable for a general audience (ie, no gratuitous violence or erotica) and, of course, your own original, unpublished work.

Please submit them in the following format: RTF, double spaced, Times New Roman, Ariel or Courier font, with the story title in the top right header.

Make the first page of your document a cover sheet that includes your name, contact details and story title (we’ll remove this before we give it to the judges). YOUR NAME MUST NOT APPEAR ON ANY OF THE OTHER PAGES OF THE STORY.

Get it to us at before midnight on 31 July 2018.


Fees can be paid by direct deposit (BSB: 325185 Acct: 03421621 Acct name: Canberra Speculative Fiction Guild) or Paypal to (For other options or any more information contact us directly at the address)


Announcing the Conflux 14 Guest of Honour

We are very pleased to announce that this year’s Conflux Conference Guest of Honour is Ambelin Kwaymullina. Dr Kwaymullina is an Indigenous Australian novelist, illustrator, and assistant professor of law at the University of Western Australia. She is of the Palyku people (Pilbara region of Western Australia). As well as beautifully illustrated picture books, she is the author of The Tribe series of novels: The Interrogation of Ashala Wolf (Walker Books, Australia, 2012. Shortlisted for Aurealis Awards); The Disappearance of Ember Crow (Walker Books, Australia, 2013); and The Foretelling of Georgie Spider (Walker Books, Australia, 2015).  She has a new speculative fiction novel due out in September: Catching Teller Crow (Allen and Unwin).

We are so much looking forward to her visit in October this year.