Welcome to Conflux, The Blog! This will be the most immediate way to keep up to date with the organisation of Conflux 4. The organising committee will post news, thoughts, questions and so on. We really want everyone to participate. We’re putting Conflux on so you’ll all have fun so tell us what you want.

A little about me. I’m the chair, Nicole R Murphy. I’m a writer, an editor and a fan. I’m a sucker for an epic fantasy and love a really tigh, well created short. My favourite authors include JRR Tolkien, Terry Pratchett, Sara Douglass, Jennifer Fallon, Sean Williams, Maxine Mcarthur and Kaaron Warren. I was a member of Andromeda Spaceways and edited Issue 25. I’m a member of the Canberra Speculative Fiction Guild (CSFG) and edited the 2006 anthology The Outcast. I’ve been lucky enough to be published a few times – stories in Machinations, Elsewhere and Orb Speculative Fiction, among others.

 My vision for Conflux 4 is a fun, friendly con, where people learn a lot, get inspired, and also have the time to spend with friends and meet new people. Like my first con experience, which was the first Conflux in 2004. There will be two panel streams, and a stream of workshops, along with kaffee klatches and Author readings. There will be social events too – the masquerade, a regency gothic banquet and other things going on.

So keep coming back to the blog to keep up to date with what’s happening!

Nicole R Murphy

Chair, Conflux 4