2006 has passed, 2007 is here, the year of Conflux 4!

We’re ready to throw ourselves into the organising of the con. In particular, work on the Regency Banquet is moving apace, with recipes being tested left, right and centre. If you’re interested in testing recipes, go to www.foodpast.com and have a chat to Conflux’s very own historian and culinary genius Gillian Polack. If, like me, your thoughts have already turned to your costume, look out for some links to some great sites, coming soon to the Conflux website.

┬áThe first progress report will be out later in the month, and it’s going to be a great read, with information, interviews and more. Make sure you don’t miss it. It will go up on the website in February.

And look out soon for announcements on the film festival and art show. Yep, Conflux will be the place to be in 2007.

 Have a great year!