Conflux is created by volunteers, fans and writers, people like you who love the genre so much that they want to share the fun with everyone.

There are many volunteer jobs – committee members, panelists, minders for guests, art show minders, dealer’s room hosts, and registration workers.

Volunteers are always very welcome, contact chair@conflux.org.au for more information.


• Chair/s
• Treasurer
• Programmer (organises the program for Conflux – involves coordinating wide range of Conflux activities and Guest liaison. Mentoring can be provided)
• Guest Liaison (contacts and liaises with guests, arranges travel and accommodation, organises transport to/from airport, coordinates guest care during Conflux).
• Pitching Coordinator/s (Contacts Agents and Publishers asking if they will accept pitches, organises times for pitches, mentoring of ‘pitchees’ as needed, and organisation of pitch sessions on the day appointed at Conflux 14).
• Art Show Curator (Promotes art show, curates display, organises Judges and judging of awards)
• Dealer’s Room Coordinator (promotes dealers table availability, liaises with dealers, recruits official bookseller for guests and author requests, coordinators dealer’s set up)
• Registrar (Coordinates ticket sales and registrations, collates data for each sub-committee meeting, provides sign-up lists for activities, manages registration desk, daily bookkeeping during Conflux, and production of prize certificates)
• Public Relations (publicity and promotional activities)
• Website Coordinator (Reviews and updates website and links to other social media)
• Advertising Manager (collates requests for advertising and reciprocal advertising).
• Progress Report Editor (Collates information, edits Progress Reports, and emails out progress reports to past and present members)
• Magazine Editor (Edits the Convention Magazine, including short story winning entries and advertisements).
• Short Story Wrangler (collects short story competition entries, arranges judges and judging, edits and dispatches winning stories to Magazine Editor).
• Venue Liaison (liaises with hotel regarding accommodation, venue set-up, and catering arrangements).


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