Just three months until Conflux 4, and here are the things we are confident are going to happen (can never guarantee of course, anything can happen in the next three months, but still…)

* Our guests are all booked and ready to fly/drive into town – Graham Joyce, Kevin J Anderson, Rebecca Moesta, Jonathan Strahan, Garth Nix, Simon Brown, Kaaron Warren and Donna Maree Hanson are all looking forward to meeting you all

* Regency Gothic Banquet – the menu has been presented to the hotel and we’re just waiting on the final say-so, but the chef is really excited about it. It’s the same team that put together the much-lauded medieval feast last year, so it’s going to be great.

* Film festival – Rob Hood has been pulling together some fantastic films, and information about one of the features we’ll be showing is now available on the website.

* Podcasting – Joffre Street Productions are coming up from Tasmania to podcast the panels at the convention, and they’ll be available on the website following the convention.

* Dealers room – we’ve had some bookings, it’s going to be a finite space so if you want to be part of the fun, best get in as soon as possible.

* Workshops – it looks like we’re going to have 13 workshops, most of them free for members, covering a whole range of things.

* Panel program – we’re working hard to ensure that we cover as many things as people suggest as we can, keeping to the theme of Heroes from Near and Afar.

And we’re working on other aspects – art display, other social events, souvenir book, tshirts and lots of fun.

So, do you have your membership yet?