Workshop and panellist callout!

We are very close to putting up our draft program for Conflux 13.

We’ve got a few gaps left, though, so this is your chance.

Is there a panel topic you really want to see on the program?

Do you want to volunteer to be on a panel or five?

Do you have a great idea for a guest presentation or a workshop you want to pitch to us?*

Now is the time to let us know. Please email the Conflux 13 Committee on confluxchair[at]

*You might get away with suggesting panel topics in the comments, but if you want to pitch a workshop or prezzo, you really need to email us.


Jane Austen Festival in Canberra week before Conflux 9

jafabannerFor our Regency Period enthusiasts, the Jane Austen Festival is being held the weekend before Conflux 9. For those with leave and $$, you have the opportunity to both events. While there are no special deals between Conflux and Earthly Delights their event provides another opportunity for you to wear your Regency frocks, jackets and trousers – you may even spot yourself on the telly or in the news, as the Jane Austin Festival receives Australia-wide media coverage.

JAFA2013-smallFor more information, visit the festival website.

Some of the festival musicians and dancers will also participate in the Conflux 9 Regency Banquet on the Friday night to add to the flavour and fun of the evening.

We are also lucky enough to have a Regency Dancing and Manners workshop available on the Friday morning of the convention, presented by John from Earthly Delights ($45 for members). He needs 16 people to make the workshop work, something about quadrilles.

After that Aylwen Gardener-Garden (also from Earthly Delights) will be doing an hour-long show and tell workshop on costume design ($10 for Conflux 9 members).

See the Events and Program pages for more details.


Conflux Pre-Con Workshop Timetable Friday 28 September

Check out the timetable  for these great workshops.  You don’t have to be a Conflux Member to join.

Follow the links for  workshop details and the  booking form.