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Conflux 14 is happy to announce that we are hosting pitching sessions for members of Conflux 14 (supporting or full).

There are three people you can pitch to – you can pitch to one or all of them, but please not carefully who is looking for what type of work as pitching to the wrong person is a waste of your time and energy, and theirs!

Alex Adsett Publishing Services

We are looking for highly commercial fiction, crime, romance, science fiction, and fantasy, for adults or YA. We also want children’s, middle-grade and YA fiction, whether genre or contemporary. We are perennially looking for work with a strong commercial bent, a powerful voice, and a certain something that makes a work stand apart from the crowd. We want stories that we can lose ourselves in, that make us forget we’re even reading.

More specifically, at the moment some of the books we’re looking for include strong, high-concept fantasy; non-Earth-based science fiction; and crime that focuses more on the characters than the procedure. We are also looking for books featuring diverse casts, from authors of diverse backgrounds. If you have a manuscript that fits one of these criteria, we’re very keen to see it.


Pitching to: Alex Adsett (via Skype)
Alex Adsett is a literary agent and publishing consultant, who has been working in the publishing and bookselling industry for the last almost twenty years. She has managed Alex Adsett Publishing Services since 2008. As a consultant, Alex provides commercial and strategic advice to authors and independent publishers regarding publishing contracts. She has worked with publishers including Editia, Sleepers, University of Queensland Press, Australian Society of Authors, and the Copyright Agency, and authors such as Graeme Simsion, Isobelle Carmody, Barry Humphries, and Kylie Chan. As a literary agent, Alex is always seeking amazing manuscripts, with a focus on fiction and narrative non-fiction, especially SFF, crime and romance, for all ages from picture books to adults. She regularly delivers seminars on copyright and publishing contracts around Australia, and serves on various NFP literary boards including Small Press Network and Queensland Writers Centre.
Pitch time: 6 minutes
Session: 12.30pm-1.30pm

Omnium Gatherum

Omnium Gatherum is an award-winning press specialising in dark fantasy, weird fiction and horror. I’m looking for fresh voices, original concepts, and innovative approaches to universal themes. I prefer stories which are grounded in reality, but I’m not averse to the occasional sword and sandal or well-executed ghost story. Mostly, I’m looking for writing that leaps off the page with engaging characters and plots that have me losing sleep. No zombie tales please, but both standalone or works with series potential are welcome.


Pitching to: Lee Murray
Lee Murray is a multi-award-winning writer and editor of fantasy, science fiction, and horror (Sir Julius Vogel, Australian Shadows). Her titles include the military thrillers Into the Mist and Into the Sounds (Severed), and Hounds of the Underworld and Teeth of the Wolf in the Path of Ra series, co-written with Dan Rabarts (Raw Dog Screaming Press). She lives with her family in New Zealand, where she conjures up stories from an office overlooking a cow paddock.
Pitch time: 10 minutes
Session: Saturday, 1.30pm-2.30pm

Note – Lee is happy to also take practice pitches if you are going to be pitching to a large publishing house and want to have the experience in a less intimidating space first. But please let us know if this is your intent so the spaces can go to people who are interested in being published with Omnium Gatherum first.

Fantastica – spec fic imprint of Brio Books

Fantastica is interested in riveting and intelligent speculative fiction that expand and/or challenge the genre. We like authors who are willing to work and rework their material to the best it can be and who have more than one book in them. And there must always, always, be an element of fantastic.


Pitching to: David Henley
David M Henley loves science, science fiction and the future. His books are inspired by authors such as Philip K Dick, Peter F Hamilton, Robert Heinlein and Matsumune Shirow.
From geopolitical convergence to emergent online super organisms, the future is coming. Henley’s books explore themes of technological evolution, species diversification and takes the ‘all-powerful creepy child’ theme to a scary new level
Pitch time: 10 minutes
Session: Saturday, 2.30pm-3.30pm

To book a pitching session, please email chair@conflux.org.au. People will be booked in in the order they contact us.


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