Please see below a list of the prospective panels.

If you are interested in contributing to any of these panels or have your own idea, please email Conflux programmer Nicole Murphy on

  • Fantastic SF women in TV
  • Hero cliches and how to make or break them
  • The next generation of superheroes: the future of diversity in heroes
  • DIY hero – is there a formula for the perfect hero?
  • Real life heroes and how they inspire their fictional counterparts
  • ‘Holy Shark Repellent Batman’ – super gadgets and resources for the wannabe hero
  • Abusive alpha males and sassy Mary-Sues: when heroes go bad
  • The hero’s journey – what does it mean for heroines?
  • Whodunnit – The Unconventional Hero
  • What is the unconventional hero’s journey?
  • Being a hero in the apocalypse – what is involved?
  • Unconventional storytelling
  • Unconventional publishing
  • Unconventional writing
  • Turning tropes on their heads
  • Skills of the modern writer – what you need to make it