I hope you like our animated header, courtesy of Grant Gittus. Grant has also created our Conflux 9 poster to be revealed at Conflux 7 next weekend.
Fan artists are often unsung heroes. They do creative design and artwork for events like convention or publications. So we thought that we should give Grant Gittus a bit of a shout out.

Here is some information about Grant.

Grant Gittus works in Melbourne running a small graphic design business. He has illustrated some book covers, interior illustrations and co-authored the children’s book “Biker Baby Learns to Count”, giving him a published output of around 25 words. He has also written and illustrated a picture book which garnered the praise “..the illustrations are dark and forbidding, the text doesn’t make sense. It is hard to imagine who would want to publish this manuscript” from one editor. He hopes one day to learn how to draw properly, so he no longer has to rely on mere sexual attraction for success.

Grant has also hung around the fringes of the SF&F fan community for a number of years, mostly waiting for the court order to be lifted. Along the way, he has designed logos and convention material for AussieCon3, AussieCon4, Conflux3, Conflux4 and Convergence 2.

A big thank you to Grant from Nicole Murphy and Donna Maree Hanson