If you’re intending on bringing books to be signed, the time and place will be the mass book signing, in the dealers room at 4.30pm on Saturday. All the major authors at Conflux will be there, including:

Kevin J Anderson, Rebecca Moesta, Graham Joyce, Jonathan Strahan, Simon Brown, Garth Nix, Kaaron Warren, Donna Maree Hanson, Sean Williams, Trudi Canavan, Karen Miller, Richard Harland, Russell Kirkpatrick, Jack Dann, Maxine McArthur, Melaina Faranda, KS Nikakis, Cat Sparks, Rob Hood, Keri Arthur, Jason Nahrung, Anita Bell, Jane Routley, KJ Taylor, Michelle Marquardt

Note that you can only bring a maximum of three books for any one author, although you can bring books for more than one author.