Negotiations have concluded, agreements have been reached, and meetings to plan have begun.

Rydges and Conflux have come to an understanding, and you’ll soon have the official price of hotel rooms. Rydges is currently undergoing an upgrade (including new beds) so the hotel will be extremely comfortable, and still terrific value. Expect a price of around $159 a night, including two breakfasts.

Rydges are doing up a website so you can book online, as well as by calling. Note that this time of the year is extremely busy in Canberra – it’s the time of Floriade, the huge flower festival. Rydges happens to be the closest hotel to Floriade, so it’s a popular place to stay. In other words, there’ll be a limit to how long they’ll hold the rooms at the special price for us. So to make sure you don’t miss out, get in quick!

We’re really excited to be having the entire con at Rydges, and they’re really looking forward to having Conflux again, so we know they’ll be really great in helping us put on a terrific con.