The committee has been discussing what we can do to ensure we make Conflux 9 accessible to as many people as possible. There’s going to be restrictions on what we can do, based on money and the fact we’re just volunteers. But we’d hate to miss something that we could have done simply because we didn’t know.

There’s certain things we’ve already been thinking of. For example, Rydges Capital Hill has some specially designed rooms for the mobility impaired – if you want to book them, you’ll need to contact the hotel direct but you can still get them at the convention rate. As well, there are a number of regular rooms that are right on the convention floor, making them a good choice if you have some mobility issues. Mention that you’d like one of these rooms when book online. 

We’ve checked out the hotel and insured that all the areas – bar, restaurant, convention floor – are accessible in wheelchairs. We’re also aware that we need to ensure that if we have platforms that panels and such are taking place on, they will need ramps to be accessible and we’re going to look into whether the hotel has hearing loops and what is involved in making them work.

As well, we can organise to have the con book and/or program published in large print for those with sight disabilities. Just let us know a month out, so we can do the printing.

And we’re talking about possibilities to make attending the convention more accessible for those with financial hardship. 

So now I put the question to you all – what are the things we should be aware of to make Conflux a convention that is welcoming and accessible for as many people as possible? I’ve spoken a bit about some issues facing the disabled, but maybe there’s people with other issues that we should consider in order to make their convention going experience as positive as possible.

So share your thoughts. Please.