Conflux will again be holding a virtual mini-con on the weekend of August 2 and 3. What’s a virtual mini-con, I hear you cry? Well, it’s an online convention, a gathering of friends and fans that follow a program to spend an hour chatting with a special guest. Best of all, it’s completely free!

This year, the virtual mini-con will run from midday on Saturday until 6pm on Sunday, with a six hour break early Sunday morning (so we can get some sleep). Current Conflux guests Jack Dann, Cat Sparks, Gillian Polack and Bruce Gillespie will be taking part, along with past Conflux guests Maxine McArthur, Karen Herkes, Ellen Datlow, Kaaron Warren, Jonathan Strahan, Sean Williams, Kevin J Anderson and Jackie French. Conflux workshop presenters, international and Australian writers and members of the Conflux committee will also be part of the fun and ready for a grilling.

Book the dates and times into your diary, and at the appropriate time go to the forums, sign in, find the topic featuring the guest you want to chat to and join the fun. There will also be a lounge, for general conversation in between spots. There will be a special membership for the physical convention available during the weekend, so come along and join the fun. If you have any more questions, contact Conflux 5 programmer Nicole R Murphy on

Saturday August 2

12pm – Glenda Larke
1pm – Chris Barnes
2pm – Gillian Polack
3pm – Bruce Gillespie
4pm – Phill Berrie
5pm – Stephen Hunt
6pm – Peter Strong
7pm – Karen Miller
8pm – Fiona McLennan
9pm – Maxine McArthur
10pm – Sharyn Lilley
11pm – Karen Herkes
12am – Ellen Datlow
1am to 6am – break
7am – Sherwood Smith
8am – Nicole R Murphy
9am – Jonathan Strahan
10am – Kaaron Warren
11am – Sean Williams
12pm – Kevin J Anderson
1pm – Cat Sparks
2pm – Jackie French
3pm – Jack Dann
4pm – Simon Haynes
5pm – Marianne de Pierres

Note all times are Australian Eastern Standard