The outline of the program for the convention is now live.

A few things to note:

* The readings timeslots can have up to five different reading sessions at the same time. It will depend upon how many people want to do a reading. If you do, then email conflux9 at gmail dot com to let us know

* We’ll be announcing the workshops in a couple of weeks, and will be open for bookings by the end of January – except the pitching workshop, which will only be open to people who enter the pitching competition

* Proposed panels will be announced by the end of January. If you’ve not let us know that you’ll be attending the convention, please do so by emailing conflux9 at gmail dot com as we’ll be sending out invites to participate in particular panels over the next few weeks

* We’ve not yet got the launches placed on the program – if you’re planning on launching at Conflux 9, please contact us with your preferred launch time so we can program you in

We’re looking forward to providing lots of development and networking opportunities for writers and industry professionals, as well as lots of fun, chatter and catch-up for everyone. It’s going to be a blast!