We are all done now for 2018!

And what a con it was. Thanks to our Guests of Honour, Rob Hood and Lee Murray (the best Emergency GOH ever!) and MC Rob Porteous (aka Irony Man), and thanks to all our presenters, workshop convenors and panel members. Thanks to Uncle Mingku for his warm and thought-provoking Welcome to Ngunnawal and Ngambri Country. Thanks also to our indefatigable Conflux Committee and con volunteers, without whom there would be no con. And a massive thank you to all our Conflux 14 attendees – it’s your presence and participation that makes Conflux such a wonderful, warm, welcoming place to be.

A dapper gentleman in a bowler hat and elaborate, tailed jacket, with white gloves and a cane and a curled handlebar moustache.

MC Rob Porteous, photo courtesy of Paula Boer

A petite dark haired woman, an older man with glasses and a leather jacket and another older man in a tweed jacket and broad brimmed hat sitting at a conference table talking.

At the Opening Ceremony: GOHs Lee Murray and Rob Hood with Uncle Mingku; Photo courtesy of Paula Boer


A flamboyant looking gentleman in pinstripe pants and braces with a skin tight Iron Man T-shirt and strange goggles. He has an elaborate, curled handlebar mustache and is standing with his chest puffed out.

Irony Man! (Irony: like silvery only prone to rust.) Photo courtesy of Paula Boer

A few announcements!

The winners of the CSFG-Conflux 14 Short Story Competition were:

  1. C H Pearce, with Flipping the Fat on Middle Fifth
  2. Andrew Old, with Sea Wolf
  3. A G Cook, with Program Anne

The winners of the Conflux 14 Art Show were:

  • The E G Harvey Prize for Australian Speculative Art: Keely Van Order for Isomorphic Transformations
  • Best Professional 2-dimensional artwork: Shauna O’Meara for Lakeside
  • Best Amateur 2-dimensional artwork: Alistair Ott for Sketches
  • Best Amateur 3-dimensional artwork: Dion Perry for Mutual Respect
  • Best Amateur digital artwork: Llewllyn Dobbs for Spirit of Nature

And, finally, we will see you all again next year, for Conflux 15:

What Lies Beneath…

With Guest of Honour Thoraiya Dyer

Author of the Titan’s Forest Series