DITMAR Awards 2023

This is the preliminary ballot for the Australian SF (“Ditmar”) Awards for 2022,
to be awarded at the 2022 Australian National SF Convention, Conflux in Canberra.

Interested and knowledgeable persons are encouraged to check the ballot and respond urgently
by email to ditmars@sf.org.au with details of any apparent discrepancies.

It is possible that the content of this preliminary ballot may differ from the final ballot.

Note that some categories include more than five nominees due to tied
nomination numbers. And some have less, due to insufficient valid
nominations. (The Final ballot will have a No Award option in each

An archived copy of the can be found at https://web.archive.org/web/20221205041147/http://wiki.sf.org.au/Ditmar_rules

Best Novel
        36 Streets, T.R. Napper, Titan Books.
        Sallow Bend, Alan Baxter, Cemetery Dance Publications.
        Scavengers, Robert Hood, Clan Destine Press.
        The Stone Road, Trent Jamieson, Erewhon Books.
        X-Dimensional Assassin Zai Through the Unfolded Earth, Jason Franks, IFWG Publishing.

Best Novella or Novelette
        “Bluebells”, Leanbh Pearson, in Bluebells, Black Hare Press.
        “The Dark Matter of Natasha”, Matthew R. Davis, in The Dark Matter of Natasha, Grey Matter Press.
        “Gulpepper Curios”, Alan Baxter, in The Fall, 13th Dragon Books.
        “Remnants and Bad Water”, Kaaron Warren, in Damnation Games, Clan Destine Press.
        “The Smell of Waiting”, Kaaron Warren, in Screams from the Dark, Tom Doherty Associates.

Best Short Story
        “Everything so slow and quiet”, Kaaron Warren, in The Art of Being Human, FableCroft Publishing.
        “Greatheart”, Juliet Marillier, in The Art of Being Human, FableCroft Publishing.
        “The Quick Study”, C.H. Pearce, in Etherea Magazine 10.
        “Songs We Sing at Sea are the Lies We Tell Ourselves”, Kaaron Warren, in Looming Low 2, Dim Shores.

Best Collected Work
        The Art of Being Human, Tehani Croft and Stephanie Lai, FableCroft Publishing.
        Cut to Care: A collection of little hurts, Aaron Dries, IFWG Publishing International.
        Damnation Games, Alan Baxter, Clan Destine Press.
        The Fall, Alan Baxter, 13th Dragon Books.
        Midnight Echo 17, Greg Chapman, Australasian Horror Writers Association.
        Phase Change, Matthew Chrulew, Twelfth Planet Press.

Best Fan Publication in Any Medium
        Ethel the Aardvark, LynC, Melbourne Science Fiction Club.
        Pratchat Podcast, Ben McKenzie, Elizabeth Flux.

Best Fan Writer
        Bruce Gillespie
        David Grigg
        Kat Clay
        Perry Middlemiss

Best Fan Artist
        C.H. Pearce
        David L Russell
        Erin-Claire Barrow

Best Artwork

Best New Talent
        Aaron Dries
        Leanbh Pearson
        C.H. Pearce
        C.Z. Tacks
        Matt Tighe
        Zachary Ashford

William Atheling Jr Award for Criticism or Review
        Angharad Lodwick, Tinted Edges (book review blog)
        Eugen Bacon, for An Earnest Blackness, Anti-Oedipus Press.
        Gillian Polack, for Story Matrices: Cultural Encoding and Cultural Baggage in Science Fiction and Fantasy, Luna (UK).
        Ian Mond, for reviews, in Locus.