This year Conflux is offering attending members the opportunity to pitch their work to one of four people – agents Tara Wynne, Alex Adsett, Paul Landymore and publisher consultant Abigail Nathan.

To pitch, you need to be one of the first six people to nominate that you wish to pitch to that particular person.

How do you do that?

From tomorrow (Wednesday April 3), email conflux9 at gmail dot com with the three people you wish to pitch to, in order of preference.

Every opportunity will be made to give your first choice but as each person is only hearing six pitches in their session, that opportunity is limited.

Depending upon numbers, you may be limited to just one person.

To see what the pitch recievers are interested in considering, go to our Pitching webpage. Somethings to note – don’t waste time pitching your work to someone who is clearly not interested in your sub-genre or subject matter and pitch something that is ready to be read, or almost ready to be read, so if you are asked to send the manuscript you can get it to them as soon as possible.

Note – there’s a panel on pitching at 4.30pm on Thursday and Chris Andrews is running a workshop on developing pitches at 8am Friday April 26 to help you prepared. You MUST be an attending member of Conflux 9 to take up this opportunity.