The con started for me today, when I picked up the wonderful Graham Joyce. Honestly, I’m already in love 🙂 Graham and I went and had coffee and a bit of a drive around Canberra before he went back to the hotel to collapse (fair enough considering he’d just spent more than 24 hours travelling).

Graham’s a very easy to chat to person – has a great understanding and love of cons, so he’s more than ready to get involved and party on. So those of you coming to Conflux are sure to have a great time with Graham.

In terms of the convetion all is done, apart from the odd little tweak here and there. I actually had the time to take a nap this afternoon – thank goodness, I was absolutely exhausted.

Tomorrow, more guests arrive – Kaaron Warren, Simon Brown and Jonathan Strahan. We have the first official event – a dinner at the yacht club. The final guests – Garth Nix, Kevin J Anderson and Rebecca Moesta – arrive Friday morning. By then, we’ll be well and truly off and running.

It’s very exciting – I’m sure everyone’s going to have a great time. If you haven’t seen the timetable yet, go to There’s been a couple of small adjustments since then, but overall you can see how cool it’s going to be.

Go Conflux!