Nicole and I are happy to announce that we have signed with Rydges Capital Hill, in Barton, ACT, for the Conflux 2013 venue. We will be drafting up material for the venue page, including photos when we have sorted how you guys can make bookings. However, we think it is a fantastic venue with amazing common areas with fountains and palms within the atrium, interesting conference space, with some balconies.

The hotel is three stories high and the conference facilities are on the second floor so no one will have far to go or will have too much of an issue with the elevators. The bar is in the corner of the building and can be a cozy venue or spread out into the spill over area to accommodate a larger group. The cafe suburb of Manuka is about a ten minute walk down the road. There is serviced accommodation next door, for those who prefer it. The synagogue is across the intersection and there’s a Catholic and Anglican church in Manuka. On the foot path, you can see Parliament House, as Rydges Capital Hill borders the parliamentary triangle.

With have an accommodation deal with Rydges, and we think it is an awesome deal. Stay tuned for details of how to book. Basically, for a bed and breakfast deal, a standard room will cost $160 per night. We will post the range of rooms and step up prices shortly. We want you to book those rooms up so we can have the hotel to ourselves, well mostly to ourselves as there is a block of rooms permanently reserved forĀ  our favourite airline. Also, we think Canberra will be busy at that time of year so we want to make sure you can join us.

The rooms are a little dated, but they are large and have an understated elegance about them. As far as we know there are five mobility impaired rooms, standard rooms with a Queen bed and also rooms with a Queen bed and a double bed, which would be suitable for those wanting to share. An extra breakfast in this case will be $24. For an extra $20 per night you can secure a King spa suite, which contains a King bed (no surprise there) and a spare bath. Nicole and I inspected this room type and found them quite spacious (good room party venue). As the building is ellipse in shape, some rooms lean over the atrium area and others face the outer rim of the hotel building. We think it is quite a fascinating design. There are further price upgrades for suites and we’ll let you know though I think Nicole and I are racing to book the Ambassador suite for ourselves. We could have our own little kingdom up there.

Wait till we put the booking details up before you approach the venue. Here is a link to the site so you can have a squiz.