And Conflux begins

The con started for me today, when I picked up the wonderful Graham Joyce. Honestly, I’m already in love 🙂 Graham and I went and had coffee and a bit of a drive around Canberra before he went back to the hotel to collapse (fair enough considering he’d just...

Presentation cancellation

Unfortuantely, James Sheridan will no longer be able to present his virtual zen garden on Sunday morning at Conflux. Hopefully, James will be in a position to show his work at future conventions.

Panel cancellation

Unfortunately, we’ve had to cancel the Beasts of Burden panel, which was to take place on Monday afternoon. If you’re interested in horses in literature, check out Maxine McArthur’s workshop on Friday afternoon.

Calling panel participants

We have some panels that are a little short of participants. They’ll still run, but more voices and opinions would be great. If any of them interest you, email Note that Conflux is limiting people to a total of four panels, in order to...

Mass book signing

If you’re intending on bringing books to be signed, the time and place will be the mass book signing, in the dealers room at 4.30pm on Saturday. All the major authors at Conflux will be there, including: Kevin J Anderson, Rebecca Moesta, Graham Joyce, Jonathan...