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The program for Conflux 10 is almost complete, and will be published soon. As always there is an interesting range of program items incorporating suggestions provided by previous Conflux members. The program includes by our special guests, workshops,pitching sessions, panel discussions, special events, book launches, games and discussions.

Note if you want to participate in the Conflux 10 program, you must register to attend the convention.

“Creative Corner” is an area set aside next to the Art Show: where artists can relax, demonstrate their craft, and some ‘art and craft’ program items will be held.


Workshops on a variety of creative topics will be held on Friday 3rd October. Conflux 10 will be offering both membership inclusive and separate entry fee workshops on the day. Registration forms will be available when presenters and details are finalised and will be advertised on our Face Book page and forthcoming progress reports.

We are pleased to announce that Jack Dann will present a workshop “”Not for the Fainthearted: an Intensive Workshop on How to Write Saleable Fiction”. Stay tuned for updates.


Conflux 10 is working towards bringing you pitching sessions at the convention. Stay tuned for more details.


There will be time and space available at Conflux 10 for Kaffeeklatschs or Literary Beers. What is a Kaffeeklatsch or Literary Beer? It’s a small group meeting that you can have with a writer, editor or artist; meeting in the café or bar. You need to purchase the beverage of your choice, but no other cost is involved. You can ask the writer, editor or artist questions, or simply enjoy chatting with them in an informal setting. To keep these events informal, numbers are limited. So make sure you sign up for your favourite Kaffeeklatsch or Literary Beer when you register!

Writers, editors and artists are welcome to enquire about participating, please contact


Conflux Inc. has a special interest in book launches and welcomes your enquiries. Please contact for further discussion.


Yes, we haven’t forgotten those convention participants that would like to spend part of their weekend enjoying the football finals! If you’d like to keep up with all that excitement, a television will be dedicated for the purpose just outside the Dealer’s RoomJ Or maybe insideJ



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