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Friday, 30 September 2016









9.00am Rego opens
10.00am We’re not in Canberra anymore, Toto!

From Iron Thrones to Imperial Senates – a discussion on politics in spec fic –

Looking after Albert

Animals in space: How do you space-ship train a puppy? and other questions.

11.00am Guest presentation: Dave Wolverton

On writing for a large audience

12.00pm How realistic do you like your fantasy?

Realism vs fairytale/surrealism/

Using language that fits your world Srsly Straya?

How does Australia’s lineup of the world’s deadliest creatures feature in horror stories?

Pitching: Alex Adsett


1.00pm Lunch break
1.30pm Readings
2pm Steampunk & Science

Can the scientific heroes and heroines of steampunk revitalise the idea of science as a way to a brighter future, or are science and steampunk incompatible?

Moving towards self-publishing

Are you ready? What have you got to do to be ready?

Monkeying around:

The portrayal of martial arts in popular film

Knit and Crochet your way to spec fic fandom!

Bring your own project along or come & learn at Conflux’s first ever Knit-and-Crochet-In!

3pm Workshop: Pitch Wars – with Sharon Johnston

Are you ready to pitch? You will be.

DIY Genre

Making your work fit the genre vs. making up your own genre

Workshop: Write the fight right

With Alan Baxter

Survivor Low Earth Orbit

Which classic Sci Fic character will prevail? Who are the weakest links? (A fun game where only a few people will be ejected into the vacuum)

4pm Spec fic romance

What happens when we smash two great genres together?

Reading the stars: Chinese and European astrology


Workshop: Designing credible YA characters

With Alastair Ott

5 pm Closed for break and set-up
6:30 pm Opening Ceremony – MC Sean Williams Closed for opening ceremony
7 pm Flash Fiction Slam Red Fire Monkey      
8 pm  
10 pm Close and rooms secured

Saturday, 1 October









9am Pitching

Inklings Literary Agency



Guest of Honour talk

Dave Farland

Interviewed by Tim Napper

Writing workshop for kids
11am Fanning the sacred flame

how diverse real-world religions influence sacred ritual in speculative fiction

Setting your sights beyond Australia

Breaking the US/UK markets

Workshop: lightsabre combat

With the Sons of ObiWan

Writing workshop for kids


Book launch:



Odyssey Books

12.30 Book launch:


Extreme makeover – Monkey edition!

With Tara Ott

1pm Book launch:

Sharon Johnston, City Owl Press

1.30pm Cyborgs, brainships and one-legged dragon riders

Disability in spec fic

Creating sparks

A discussion on how writers brainstorm ideas for stories.


Pitching: Harper Collins

501st Legion
2.30pm Fantasy – the essential ingredients

What makes a story Fantasy?

A picture and 1000 words

Collaborations between artists and writers

3.30pm Scarlet Passion Monkey Business – spec fic erotica

The naughty bits.

The physical cost of writing

A discussion about physical barriers writers face in practicing their craft

Re-entering the Labyrinth

Come & share your love of the iconic Henson movie.


501st Legion

4.30pm Grimdark

What is grimdark and how does it differ from plain old “dark” fantasy? What’s the appeal?


Managing health issues for writers

Josh Stevens from Active Wellbeing on how to manage common issues faced by writers.

Books I’ve loved

An open-mike style session where panel members and audience can share and discuss books they’ve read and loved (or hated!) recently.

Monkey King screening?
5.30pm Book launch:

Crow Shine, Alan Baxter, Ticonderoga

Monkey King screening?
6.30pm Possible Banquet set-up?
7.30pm Banquet – Monkey Magic  
9pm Poetry slam?
10pm Closed and rooms secured.

Sunday, 2 October – Daylight Savings Time (forward one hour)












9am Conflux Inc AGM
10am Guest of Honour talk

Alan Baxter

Interviewed by TBA

11am Beyond the borders of Victorian England

Culturally diverse Steampunk

Writing fanfic

Personal satisfaction? A good way to start building your skills as a writer? Why write it? And how to do it good.

Workshop: Writing about cultures other than your own

With Gillian Polack

(Additional fees apply)

Pitching: Satalyte


Book launch:

At the Edge
Paper Road Press

12.30 Fan auction
1pm Lunch – Star Trek cosplay – WITH PRIZES!!
1.30pm The landscape of Dystopia

Does cli fi have to be set in a desert? A discussion on the kinds of environmental settings for dystopian cli fi worlds.

Guest presentation

Dave Wolverton

On Writers of the Future

Doctor Who in conversation Workshop: Editing short stories inspired by found objects – part 2

With Nick Evans

Now you’ve got a bunch of words on the page, Nick will show you how to ruthlessly edit them into shape.

2.30pm Beyond Cleverman; Indigenous voices in speculative fiction

A panel of Aboriginal writers discussing the importance of hearing Aboriginal voices in fiction.

Tax stuff for authors

Guest presentation by Robert Douglass

Covering a bunch of tricksy tax issues especially relevant for authors.

Verity Down Under

Special live podcast recording!

3.30pm Rhythm and form in fairy tales

Looking at how the oral storytelling roots of these tales affects how they are told today.

Finding experts to check your stuff


Marvel & DC – Wassup? Pitching: Fantastica Sci Fi
4.30pm Exploring Ann Leckie’s Imperial Raadch

A discussion about how spec fic is pushing the boundaries of gender diversity


Ask a qualified teenager

Youth writing by youth panellists


The Best of Star Trek

Bring your fave short Star Trek clips in for a nostalgic viewing

Workshop: Calligraphy

With Karen Herkes-Ott

5.30pm Book launch

Tansy Rayner Roberts


6.30pm Ten Forward

In the Novotel Bar, with Meri Amber

(including the Star Trek Trivia Quiz)

9.00pm Late night open mike

MC Laura E Goodin

10pm Closed and rooms secured.


Monday, 3 October









10am Asian speculative fiction Self publishing markets

Is Amazon all you need?

  Workshop: Overcoming Negative Thoughts to Increase Writing Productivity

Overcoming negative thoughts and procrastination using cognitive behavioural techniques with a professional life coach.

11am Readings
11.30 Horror – tipping the balance

When is a story Horror and when is it just Dark? Where do you draw the line?

Guest presentation:

Dave Wolverton

On writing enchanting prose

Sci Fi Dream Team


1pm Lunch Break
1.30pm Urban fantasy

A discussion on all the latest quirks of this genre.

Writing for pleasure, not publication Workshop:
Project managing writing your novelWith Cat Sheely

Writing interactive fiction for fun and profit

With Felicity Banks

2.30pm Social Media Roleplaying

What is with that, anyway?

3.30pm Closing Ceremony and Awards  

Closed and rooms secured.

5pm Dead Dog Party Venue TBA

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